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Junk Removal and Hot Tub Disposal - Citrus Heights, CA

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Junk Removal in Citrus Heights, CA

Sacramento Dump Runs is a privately owned waste removal company, and is not affiliated with the city of Sacramento.

License #1022117

Our Trailers are 6x12 feet

Sacramento Dump Runs is offering residential waste removal services in the Citrus Heights, CA region. We have five years of experience satisfying customers with their junk removal and rubbish disposal needs. We can get rid of all sorts of items including furniture, electronics, and other waste. We take specialty items (eg. electronics that contain environmental pollutants) to appropriate designated dump sites.

Our staff is friendly and amicable and our prices are great. We strive to make every customer experience a positive one. We have exceeded the expectations of hundreds of customers in the area during our five years in business.

Our job is to make your life easier. We will work around your schedule to provide the exceptional service that you deserve.

Junk removal starts at $75.00.
Full loads cost $235.00.

Please note that there is a weight limit of 2000 lbs.
Construction materials may cost more.
There is an additional gas cost for trips more than 20 miles one-way.

Call the Hot Tub Removal Professionals

Removing a hot tub can be an arduous task that can present unforeseen problems that most homeowners aren’t prepared for. Why not let our experienced team handle your hot tub removal for you? They’re knowledgeable, friendly, and our prices are affordable – from only $165 to $285, depending on what is required. Contact us today.

For more information, please visit our main website.

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